Boston – The Olde Towne

One of the latest places that I had the pleasure of visiting this year was the city of Boston. It was a weekend in the month of May and I thought the weather would be as pleasant as ever. However, that weekend did bring some rain but did not deter my friends and me from biking the whole of Boston and Cambridge on that Saturday!


Big Bear Camping Trip

Following are some of the photos from my Big Bear Camping trip this summer. I am looking forward to my Joshua Tree Camping trip at the end of this month!!


Hiking at El Moro Canyon Trail

In the US, very few states can boast of a calm and pleasant winter season like California does. The past few weeks have been especially fair with the occasional showers which have hopefully ameliorated the drought.

On January 25th, 2015, my boyfriend, his sister and I went hiking on a 7 mile trail in Crystal Cove State Park, CA. These are a few pictures that we managed to capture from the day. I love how the camera was able to capture the rain clouds that had started to gather by the end of the day. We were in luck to have hiked that day because they definitely brought down a good amount of rain the next day.

Stay in touch to follow us on more adventures 🙂



Climbing higher than ever. The woman of today

On Labor’s day, I went to Corona Del Mar, Orange County to capture photos of  my friend rock climbing/ bouldering on the beach of the OC coast. Needless to say, it was an exhilirating experience.

On the way back from the trip, she explained why she loved rock climbing: the same reason both of us loved rock climbing and biking respectively. It’s a new experience every time we venture out. We make our own plans and each journey to the destination is different. There’s never a moment of monotony like working out in the gym can bring about or any other static environment can bring about.

As much as rock climbing doesn’t look like a woman’s activity, you might be surprised to know that women have the advantage of being able to shift their weight around their hips which gives them an edge over their male counterparts who have heavier and bulkier shoulders. I guess the sense of elegance, strength and perseverence rock climbing gave her made it all the more interesting.

I am definitely going rock climbing soon! Ah, this life and it’s vast pool of beauty and strength!

A Summer Camp with a Twist

Since I got to the States last year I had only been studying about education and the different strategies to improve pedagogical methods used around the country. AND…finally this summer I got to experience the pure joy of teaching middle school kids 🙂

I had the wonderful opportunity to work at a science day summer camp at Chicago. It was organized by a nationally successful camping association and I was allotted to a private school in Chicago, one the many schools around the country hosting this science camp.

Honestly, I was really nervous at first because this was the first time I was in a classroom to teach science to middle school students albeit in a summer camp. But I was so lucky because each week of camp turned out to be interesting and I had the support of some wonderful colleagues who were experienced in the field. Unlike the usual lessons of school, our science camp lessons were filled with small hands-on activities which ultimately taught us to complete a final project at the end of each week that was showcased to the parents and the other groups of the camp. It gave me a chance to interact with the kids in a relaxed environment where they shed their inhibitions of being wrong while answering questions. I felt like it gave them an opportunity to express themselves without the pressures of being in a usual classroom which in turn allowed us as teachers to be guides and clear a lot of the misconceptions a student usually develops in the middle school.

At the end of each week, I felt so grateful to be at the camp and having students expressing their thoughtful gestures of gratitude for the camp week made me feel even more satisfied. All my life I had been playing the part of student and learning from teachers but this change of role showed me a whole new perspective of imparting knowledge and interacting with people of all ages, the students, my colleagues and the parents.

I hope countries all over the world promote science summer camps which would instill a sense of STEM inquiry education into students right from an early age. STEM education is very important for any country’s progress. After all the world needs healers, people who show the right direction.