Boston – The Olde Towne

One of the latest places that I had the pleasure of visiting this year was the city of Boston. It was a weekend in the month of May and I thought the weather would be as pleasant as ever. However, that weekend did bring some rain but did not deter my friends and me from biking the whole of Boston and Cambridge on that Saturday!


Minnesota Winter 2015

Having lived in warm, tropical regions throughout my life, this trip was a sort of life changing event. My boyfriend’s parents live in Minnesota and he had lived there for a good part of his life. So it was inevitable for a visit to the parents and to his childhood places. We had planned this trip last year for 4th of July but things didn’t pan out. However, what could be better than a white Christmas? So we did extensive planning and figured out this whole long vacation for me away from my polymer synthesis down in Georgia.

The trip was, to say the least, exhilarating and a completely new experience for me. I saw snow flurries and we stayed in through a snowstorm. Wow! I felt so lucky (despite what Minnesotans felt I am sure) to experience this whole new world where snow plows are in use at 4 am. This new world had snow on the cars while the people drove them.

To describe in better words I would leave it to my media gallery. I think I need a white winter trip every year from now on!

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Big Bear Camping Trip

Following are some of the photos from my Big Bear Camping trip this summer. I am looking forward to my Joshua Tree Camping trip at the end of this month!!


Hiking at El Moro Canyon Trail

In the US, very few states can boast of a calm and pleasant winter season like California does. The past few weeks have been especially fair with the occasional showers which have hopefully ameliorated the drought.

On January 25th, 2015, my boyfriend, his sister and I went hiking on a 7 mile trail in Crystal Cove State Park, CA. These are a few pictures that we managed to capture from the day. I love how the camera was able to capture the rain clouds that had started to gather by the end of the day. We were in luck to have hiked that day because they definitely brought down a good amount of rain the next day.

Stay in touch to follow us on more adventures 🙂


Places and Faces


In all our time we visit too many places to remember and meet too many people too. The places that stick are the ones with people who make it as good as they are themselves. So, it’s the middle of the week but we wish for all of you to find more of such places.

Photographing Our Travels: Tips from Infinite Satori

This post brought out the true essence of travel photography. To get to know the skin and flesh…not just the inanimates in a place

The Daily Post

When we travel, we’re reminded that everything is connected by a beautifully intricate, invisible thread. We are filled with wanderlust — exploring a foreign country or city, an exotic island, or mountains in the mist. Wherever we are, we indulge in the novelty of each moment.

Each place has its own charm, energy, and ambience that will leave its trace in your soul. A travel photographer’s job is to capture this while it’s still there, available to all of your senses.

Stephanie Dandan is a photographer, travel writer, and founder of Infinite SatoriFor her project called The Wanderers, she’s exploring Asia, photographing travelers and nomads for a book and online community.

When you return home or move to a different country, time passes, and those photographs from your wanderings have the power to mentally teleport you to another time. Photography has the power to make people feel like they are right there with…

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Big City Dreams

From afar you’ll only see the glitter and gold.

Fall deeper.

For it’s pulsing pulsing veins, the bones, the living.


Chicago – a foggy summer

Amidst all the madness, find yourself a place to pray.


Through the valleys and the hills

first postLately, traveling has felt like a remedy to create space and bridges to new found happiness. This picture was taken during a recent trip to Mussoorie, India and it was I’d say entirely rewarding to breathe in so many new faces.

The valleys created new depths and the hills raised a consciousness.

We travel to hold close better things, to let go of the bitter. And doing these get so simple when we travel. It’s always the simplicity that warms the heart I guess. Just find a new place, create new memories. It’s simple, the best things in life always are ❤