Georgia – Southern Weather and People – A New Beginning

This summer, I had to say goodbye to California and move down south. I have to say that besides leaving my boyfriend behind, it was the hardest goodbye to a state, a city called Irvine, that was my home for the past two years. SoCal was perfect. Weather, people, my university and the food ofcourse. I know people would kill to live in one of the most fun counties in the US. I knew I would miss the endless beaches, the sunny winters and the clear blue skies.

Touchdown Atlanta on August 30th, 2015 and I found myself in a humid place after 2 years. I wouldn’t say that Assam was not (I will have another blog post for my trip to Assam), but wow…I didn’t know humid places existed in the US.

I have been here for over 2 months now and I am sort of used to the humidity (I still hate that it makes my hair all frizzy) besides the long hours I spend in my lab that is centrally air conditioned gives me some respite from the sudden humid days. Yes, I have started to experience real weather now haha. People have been pretty friendly around here. I guess the Southern hospitality is not unreal.

I love how in just 2 months I have made a lot of friends in my lab and classes who have been helpful in making me learn new things everyday! I am glad that I chose to pursue my PhD in University of Georgia and of course I will update you guys on any papers that I publish along the way for obtaining my degree 🙂


Girls Can Be Heroes!

Carla Plaza is a source of inspiration for so many women at UC, Irvine who work very hard every day to achieve their dreams of graduating from college. She’s a single mother to her 19 year old son, works at UC, Irvine in the F.J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences and has served as a soldier and medic to the US Army. It is only fit for someone as strong-willed as her to apply for medical school and aspire to be a physician that would be of service to the community where she will practice. While being busy reaching out to her goals, she has helped various organizations such as Girls Rising in their efforts to promote women empowerment and is a Big Sister to a 14-year old girl with the organization Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Orange County, CA.

Different fits


You rule out everybody
Everybody that’s different
Different in shapes and forms
Forms that still fit
Fit together if they do
Do you see the differing fit?