Georgia – Southern Weather and People – A New Beginning

This summer, I had to say goodbye to California and move down south. I have to say that besides leaving my boyfriend behind, it was the hardest goodbye to a state, a city called Irvine, that was my home for the past two years. SoCal was perfect. Weather, people, my university and the food ofcourse. I know people would kill to live in one of the most fun counties in the US. I knew I would miss the endless beaches, the sunny winters and the clear blue skies.

Touchdown Atlanta on August 30th, 2015 and I found myself in a humid place after 2 years. I wouldn’t say that Assam was not (I will have another blog post for my trip to Assam), but wow…I didn’t know humid places existed in the US.

I have been here for over 2 months now and I am sort of used to the humidity (I still hate that it makes my hair all frizzy) besides the long hours I spend in my lab that is centrally air conditioned gives me some respite from the sudden humid days. Yes, I have started to experience real weather now haha. People have been pretty friendly around here. I guess the Southern hospitality is not unreal.

I love how in just 2 months I have made a lot of friends in my lab and classes who have been helpful in making me learn new things everyday! I am glad that I chose to pursue my PhD in University of Georgia and of course I will update you guys on any papers that I publish along the way for obtaining my degree 🙂


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